Sunday, December 9, 2007

Whopper Freakout,

Here's an interesting marketing experiment. A Burger King decided to see what would happen if they discontinued the Whopper. The Whopper was taken off the menu for a day and customers were told that it was discontinued forever.

The response was fascinating. Of course most were confused and upset. Many also started reminiscing and waxing nostalgic about their first Whopper and instances where they went to great lengths to get a Whopper.

The net effect was to make people appreciate the product more by forcing them to acknowledge their feelings about it consciously. I guess it's true, "absence makes the heart grow fonder".

The promotional value of the marketing experiment/prank goes farther than a single store. At the moment it's among the most popular vids on YouTube and the search term "Whopper Freakout" is among the top five on Google.

Hmmmm... maybe Cartman really had something on the South Park episode where he wouldn't let anyone into his amusement park. If you want to create buzz for your product, don't let anyone have it.

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QueenJean said...

sometimes i wonder if you follow my blog. i'm first! NEEE NER!!!!

Captain Capitalist said...

I love Google.
Your Blogspot page didn't have any posts on it, but I eventually figured out how to get to your page.

I found a site yesterday called you might want to check out. You can post your blog entries or new articles to various "wikizines" or even start your own wikezine.

Wxmanfly said...

This was a great marketing idea on the part of B.K.