Wednesday, January 25, 2012

QR Code Posters Help Customers Connect

You've probably heard something about QR codes. But have you found a good use for them yet?

If you haven't heard of them before, they're essentially UPC codes for websites. Most smart phones and tablets now come with software that will read these codes off posters, labels, flyers or wherever you print one. You simply click like you're taking a picture and the app takes you directly to the website for that particular QR Code.

One no-brainer use for these two-dimensional hyperlinks is in-store posters for your social pages. Social pages can be a great way to stay in touch with customers, alert them to sales, new products, remind them of upcoming events, etc. But getting them to "Like" or "Follow" you can be a challenge. What if they could do it while they were standing in your shop or office, with the click of a button? You're already on their mind (they're in your store) and there's a big ole QR code right in front of them. Nothing to type. Nothing to remember. Just point and click.

Easy Street Designs now offers these posters, full color and laminated. Initial set up is $15 and includes up to 4 QR codes. You can use your own or other QR code generating account, or Easy Street can generate codes for you. Once the poster is set up and on file, a laminated print is just $2.50.

As quick as taking a picture with a cell phone, customers can surf to your main site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or check in on Foursquare. Make it easy to stay connected. Call or email Easy Street Designs at 719*390-5080 or

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Time! Don't Miss Out on the 2012 Fountain Valley Community Guide

Work on the 2012 Fountain Valley Community Guide is underway. Ad spaces are still available, but space is limited. Don't miss out. Call 719-390-5080 or email to reserve your spot today!

More Details Here

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New - Bookmark Advertising from Easy Street Designs

Easy Street designs is pleased to announce our new bookmark
advertising product.

Bookmarks are a great way to make a lasting impression on
potential new customers, and to perpetuate “top of the mind” awareness among existing

Our first project is in conjunction with The $4 Bookstore at 2515 Airport Rd in Colorado Springs, where you’ll find hardcover books for $4 or less and paperbacks for $2 or less.

Bookmarks are full color, 2-sided, 14 point glossy stock and measure 2” x 8”.

Ads are available for $35 for a 2” x 2” or
2 spaces (vertically or back to back) for $60.
Price includes layout if needed. Price covers one run, which is 1,000 bookmarks.

Bookmarks will be distributed free to local customers by
The $4 Bookstore.

Get your space today! Call
Easy Street Designs at
719-390-5080 or email