Monday, January 12, 2009

I do not like green eggs or pizza

Going green has been all the rage in marketing for the past year or so. But it doesn't work for everything. The new Pizza Hut ad campaign is a prime example. The Pizza Hut "Natural" commercial sure doesn't get my taste buds excited. First they show a crust, that looks just like the box. Then they tell you they use "all natural pepperoni" which just makes you wonder what their regular pepperoni is made of. Basically, they make it sound like you'd be doing the planet a favor by buying one of these pizzas, but it sure doesn't sound appetizing.

Trucks are another realm where "green" doesn't play well. Fuel efficient means my v8 extended cab gets 20mpg. Don't try to sell a dainty carbon footprint to truck buyers. They aren't interested.

If I see "green" on an ad or bug or weed killer, that tells me one thing; they don't work. The same is true for shower heads, sprinklers and low-flush toilets.

"Green" can be an effective marketing tool if it is perceived to add value. If you have a product that is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, while at the same time providing top quality and performance, you've got something. If you're simply giving me less in the name of saving the planet, know what they say about my back and the rain.