Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When someone else's problem is your solution, that's cooperative marketing waiting to happen

I was talking with a customer about business cards the other day and she happened to mention an arrangement she had with a local restaurant. I thought it was a great way for both her and the restaurant to address their needs very effectively without any big cash outlays by either party and asked if I could share it here. This exact model may not work for everyone, but it’s a great example of how cooperative thinking, outside the box can lead to greater efficiencies and help everyone involved leverage their marketing budgets. (Did I work enough buzz words in there?)

Becky Hume is a certified colorist by Color Me A Season and has a background in TV makeup for live talent for PBS in Tucson, Showtime Comedy Network as well as for national commercials. She’s also designed and created costuming and makeup for local productions while living in Tucson during the late 1980's and early 1990's.

These days, Colorado Springs is her home and she’s still in the business of helping woman look and feel good through her business, Spa By Candlelight, which features products from BeautiControl and PartyLite. Her business relies heavily on direct sales and word of mouth. Building a customer base in these types of businesses often means exhibiting at events and expos and going to one on one or group appointments. While these can be effective forms of marketing, they can also be costly and don’t always reach the right demographic. What if there were another tool in the arsenal?

Meanwhile, at a nearby Applebees, a manager wants to offer some kind of customer appreciation perk. Giveaways and contests can also break a budget and don’t always have the desired, long lasting effect. What if there were another way?

Well, Becky and the folks at the Southside Applebees, 4001 W. Northern Ave in Pueblo, came up with an arrangement that suits both their needs, as well as the women who show up for Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays.

Applebees invited Becky to greet the ladies and offer them a free “mini spa” treatment/demo. The luxurious pampering includes a demonstration of Becky’s mobile day spa products from BeautiControl® with “instant manicure” hand treatments and sweet chocolate candy. An assortment of the beauty treatments and products are also on display and offered at a special price throughout the event. Ladies can also book free personalized spas and win door prizes during the evening.

There are no fees on either end of the agreement. It’s just one hand washing the other. It’s a good example of what a little imagination and cooperation can do to promote efficiency, effective marketing and customer retention.

To contact Becky call 719-632-4410 or email you can also visit To experience the demo, show up at the W. Northern Ave Applebees in Pueblo on a Wednesday night.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bingo ads available

We have ad space available on the next run of Knights of Columbus Bingo tally sheets.

info Here.

$15 to $30 depending on size.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The key to customer retention

At Easy Street Designs, we recently made some plastic keytags for KW Schramek Landscaping Materials in Fountain, Colorado. The tags feature their logo on the front and a handy reference table on the back. It shows how much of various types of materials one would need to cover a given area and a given depth.

That alone is a good way to keep them "top of the mind" with many of their customers, especially contractors, who can quickly pull their keys out of their pockets and estimate how much material they might need for a job.

But the Schramek's took it one step further. Now, when you show your keytag at KW Schramek, you get 5% off your order (except for railroad ties). The tags last for quite a while (I think I had my King Soopers tag on my ring for about 8 years before it finally fell off). It's a great use of an inexpensive promotional product to not only provide useful information, but reward loyal customers as well. Nicely done.

KW Schramek Landscaping Material is located at 7395 Southmoor Drive in Fountain, Colorado, just north of Hwy 16 on Hwy 85/87. Visit them on the web at

Monday, March 5, 2012

Flag Football sponsor opportunity, Colorado Springs

Marcus Amos and Suave barbershop would like to offer your business the opportunity to become a valuable sponsor of the Suave Barbershop flag football team.

"We are asking for a donation of $250 or more and in return Suave barbershop will produce a patch with your logo and have it sewn on the jerseys of all 22 players.

We appreciate your contribution and we vow to satisfy you as a sponsor and hope to build a great working relationship."

If you have an question you can contact Mr. Marcus Amos Jr. at 719-243-6331.