Friday, March 16, 2012

The key to customer retention

At Easy Street Designs, we recently made some plastic keytags for KW Schramek Landscaping Materials in Fountain, Colorado. The tags feature their logo on the front and a handy reference table on the back. It shows how much of various types of materials one would need to cover a given area and a given depth.

That alone is a good way to keep them "top of the mind" with many of their customers, especially contractors, who can quickly pull their keys out of their pockets and estimate how much material they might need for a job.

But the Schramek's took it one step further. Now, when you show your keytag at KW Schramek, you get 5% off your order (except for railroad ties). The tags last for quite a while (I think I had my King Soopers tag on my ring for about 8 years before it finally fell off). It's a great use of an inexpensive promotional product to not only provide useful information, but reward loyal customers as well. Nicely done.

KW Schramek Landscaping Material is located at 7395 Southmoor Drive in Fountain, Colorado, just north of Hwy 16 on Hwy 85/87. Visit them on the web at

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