Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fourth of July Marketing

The Fourth is coming up fast. Don't wait until June 30th to start thinking about your Independence Day ad campaign. The time to start planning is now. But what to do?

First is to determine you objective. The kneejerk reaction is to think of some hook to get people to immediately come down to your store or office. Maybe a coupon or a big sale. There's nothing wrong with that type of marketing, but I want to expand on a more long term approach. Take the opportunity to be a part of the day. Be a part of the conversation, a part of the event.

What do people do on the Fourth of July? They show the red, white and blue and they barbecue. They get together with friends and relatives for fun in the sun. How can you make your business a part of the celebration? First of all, put your politics on the shelf and be a full-bore, red blooded American for a few days. People really are tired of the grade-school like bickering that goes on every night on news in the name of the American People. The Fourth is a time for everybody, regardless of politics to celebrate the fact that we're in country where all this bickering is possible, thanks to the bravery and determination of our forefathers, our servicemen and women and some very strong willed individuals. This is their day. It's not a day for persuasion. It's a day for celebration. Deck out the office, the storefront, your indoor displays. Show your pride. Let others be proud.

Now for the barbecue. People are going to spend most of there day at the park, in the backyard, among family and friends. You can still be a part of it. Now is the time to stock up on your red, white and blue promotional items. Frisbees, hacky-sacks, flags, flag pins, flag magnets, balls, toys, things that will show up at the office and/or the party with your logo on it. A red, white and blue BBQ Apron would make a great door prize for a pre-Fourth networking event, as would a nice cooler, a set of drink cups.

If you're going to be open on the Fourth, consider a ridiculous one-day discount for anyone with a military ID, active duty, retired, dependents, anyone. Even if you take a loss for the day, your display of gratitude will be appreciated and talked about.

It's an election year and emotions can run high in politics. The high price of fuel has got a lot of people steaming. Resolve now that from at least June 30th to July 7th, it's time to be optimistic and help your customers, your prospects, your neighbors to be too. Focus on what's great about this country for a week or so. There's a lot to choose from. Remember our common ground, the things that make Americans Americans: The individual spirit, the dogged determination, the unyielding optimism, the unstoppable imagination. Embrace it, promote it, be a part of it. Make it memorable, make it fun.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fathers Day Promotional Idea

Fathers Day is less than 2 weeks away, so if you're going to do some marketing around it, time to get on it.

Here's one to think about. Offer a discount on Fathers Day for Dads that bring the kid(s) with them. Use tag lines like "Show Us Your Kids!" "To Heck With Work, Take Your Son or Daughter Shopping!" "Fathers Day Special - Must Show Proof of Fathership"

It's different and if it inspires Dads to come to the store with the kids, they're all much more likely to remember the trip and your business. Make sure you have something for the young ones (bubble stuff is cheap and always a big hit). If the kids don't have fun, you're adding to Dad's stress, which defeats the purpose of the day. Avoid candy and sweets. Some kids can't have it and they don't really understand why. Again with the parental stress. Small toys, water, fruit, it doesn't have to be the Showcase Showdown, just something to show they were expected and that they are welcome.