Monday, June 2, 2008

Fathers Day Promotional Idea

Fathers Day is less than 2 weeks away, so if you're going to do some marketing around it, time to get on it.

Here's one to think about. Offer a discount on Fathers Day for Dads that bring the kid(s) with them. Use tag lines like "Show Us Your Kids!" "To Heck With Work, Take Your Son or Daughter Shopping!" "Fathers Day Special - Must Show Proof of Fathership"

It's different and if it inspires Dads to come to the store with the kids, they're all much more likely to remember the trip and your business. Make sure you have something for the young ones (bubble stuff is cheap and always a big hit). If the kids don't have fun, you're adding to Dad's stress, which defeats the purpose of the day. Avoid candy and sweets. Some kids can't have it and they don't really understand why. Again with the parental stress. Small toys, water, fruit, it doesn't have to be the Showcase Showdown, just something to show they were expected and that they are welcome.

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