Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Earthrace - Mega Event Marketing by SGC Energia

New Zealander, Pete Bethune plans to break the world record for a speedboat circumnavigating the world, and he intends to do it using biofuel.

The event will begin in March of 2008. Bethune and his team landed a major sponsor in SGC Energia of Portugal, who will be supplying all of the biofuel needed for the trip.

What a shrewd move by SGC Energia, based in a country famous for its record breaking world explorers, the company is a leading manufacturer of biofuels. The publicity garnered just in sponsoring the attempt will be enormous. Should Bethune and his team succeed, the payoff will be astronomical.

Even a close finish will demonstrate that biofuel is ready for prime-time. New technologies making algae farming for biofuels more economical, being worked on by SGC and a host of other companies, could help make biodiesel a major contender within the next decade.

For more information visit In any case, the boat looks really cool.

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