Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Neighborhood Values postcard mailing, May (2)

Our second Neighborhood Values postcard mailing for May will be 1621 pieces to carrier routes, C014 and R073 in zip code 80911. This includes the new housing just northeast of Grinnell and Bradley Rd.  and the areas highlighted in blue in the image below.

Cost is 10 cents per address for a 3.75 x 4.25" ad on the two-sided, full color 12" x 6" mailer, and includes layout (if needed) printing, postage and delivery to the post office. Our target date for getting these to the P.O. is May 21st.

I have 5 spots available on this one as of this moment.

Call 719-390-5080 or email easystreetorders@yahoo.com ASAP to reserve yours.

More information on our Neighborhood Values postcard mailings. 

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