Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Basket Give-Aways, Stuff Wanted

Here at Easy Street Designs, we used to give away one large prize as part of a holiday drawing. With the down economy, we decided a couple of years ago that 5 smaller prizes would bring some good cheer to 5 times as many families, so we put together Christmas Baskets full of toys and games and coloring books and such. They've been a big hit.

This year we want to add a new twist - free goodies from our business customers (can be for kids or adults). Naturally, businesses that donate to the prize baskets will appear on the posters and in the basket itself. You may also add your business card, flyer or brochure to the prize.

Prize should be stand alone, no strings attached. It can be a gift certificate, but no coupons, no free consultations or inspections, no buy one/get ones or X% offs (this promo is aimed at generating goodwill, not necessarily an immediate sale).

If you'd like to participate, call 719-390-5080 or email easystreetorders@yahoo.com

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