Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween Marketing

A Sweet Promotion!

Halloween is the biggest retail holiday except for Christmas. What does that mean? That it’s very popular! Consider supplying your friends and neighbors with coupons that the kiddos (with their parents) can redeem at your place of business for a candy bar or other treat (be specific, ie: Redeem this coupon for a FREE SNICKERS bar at ........ Stick to the treats. Don't add anything about your oil change special or closing costs discount or other offers. The idea is to give people an excuse to come visit your place of business, with no strings attached. Handing them a flyer or coupon along with the candy bar when they come in however, is a great idea. Give the coupons a week or so for expiration so they can come in at their convenience.

You'll want the coupons to either be numbered, or a less expensive way to go, have a space for "authorized signature" to avoid counterfeits. Using colored paper is also a good idea. That way you can budget for a maximum redemption, assuming every coupon is brought in. Of course you wont get 100% return, so once the coupons expire, leave out the left-overs for your walk-in customers.

You can get black ink coupons on AstroBright Cosmic Orange paper for as little as 2 cents each, depending on size and quantity at from Easy Street Designs (call 719-390-5080 for details). Shipping is a flat $7.50 to anywhere in the continental US.

In any case, it's a great way to enlist the help of your friends and neighbors in your marketing efforts, It actually helps them out in that they can give out more goodies without spending a dime, and it gives parents a safe place to go get a treat for the kiddos, while making them more familiar with your business.

If you do a 500 piece promotion, giving, say 25 coupons each to 20 friends and neighbors, you'll likely wind up spending less than $100 including printing and candy and you get free distribution.

Don't wait too long. Candy can get scarce just before Halloween, and keep it in the fridge between now and the time they come in to pick it up. If you want to give out something healthier or even a non-food item, that can work too, but it has to be a "treat", something people will make an extra stop to pick up on the way home; something the kids will insist they stop for on the way home. Celery sticks wont cut it. Slim Jim's might.

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