Friday, May 9, 2008

Distribution of Marketing Materials - Win/Win models

One of the most, if not the most expensive portion of your marketing efforts is distribution. Unlike free-market industries, the government protected monopoly known as the US Postal Service continues to get more and more expensive as it matures with zero increase in value. This has lead marketers and business professionals to seek new and creative ways to get their message out to their prospects.

Don't expect to get anything for free, but compensation doesn't necessarily have to be in the form of cash. Information is another valuable commodity and currency. Easy Street Designs has developed products specifically for mortgage brokers that enable them to offer information in exchange for distribution. The same principal can, of course be applied in other industries.

The "Divorce and Your Home" brochure is designed to be customized for the individual mortgage broker, with their photo, logo, contact info, etc. and offers insights into issues one should consider regarding one's home and mortgage if one is going through a divorce. The broker offers these brochures free to divorce attorneys within their network in exchange for the attorney's offering them to their clients. The attorney gets a free means of communicating valuable information to their clients. The broker gets free distribution. The same principal is at work with the "Understanding the Mortgage Interest Deduction" (for CPA's) and the "Financial Strategies and Your Home" (for financial advisers) brochures.

The key is to think of related businesses within your network and what information might be useful to their clients and customers. How did Easy Street come up with these particular ideas? They didn't. Their customers did. They asked, they received. Your network is not just about sharing leads and getting referrals. Talk to your network partners about marketing strategy and how you can work together, especially on distribution, and never forget that your customers are also a part of your network and an invaluable source of information.

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