Friday, April 11, 2008

Eli Estrada Returns $140,000, Receives a Fortune in Publicity

By Ed Duffy, Easy Street Designs

When Eli Estrada found $140,000 in unmarked cash in the street, he wasn't thinking promotional value. He was thinking "What's the right thing to do.". He decided to call the police and turn in the cash. While many have criticized his decision, the reward has been immense. Not only did he reinforce his own image of himself as an honest man, but his story is all over the news and the internet, along with the fact that he is part owner of the Tuff Turf franchise in Huntington Park, California.

Eli could have kept the money. He'd be $140,000 richer and nobody would have been the wiser. Instead, after returning the money he has received millions of dollars worth of exposure. Perhaps an unintended consequence, but a well-deserved one. Kudos to Mr. Estrada, and his partner, who was with him when he found the cash.

Tuff Turf is located at 3418 Hill St Huntington Park, CA 90255-6432, 13.77 miles from the center of Long Beach, CA. Phone: (714) 342-8873


CaliforniaLuis said...

It is honorable that Eli returned the money. I would of done the same. On the other hand, Brinks giving him only $2,000 for his honesty, time and effort is a slap in the face! Call Brinks at the number below and express your outrage!

The Brink’s Company
1801 Bayberry Court
P.O. Box 18100
Richmond, VA 23226-8100
Telephone: (804) 289-9600
Facsimile: (804) 289-9770

Captain Capitalist said...

Honesty is its own reward. He now knows for a fact that when given the opportunity to be dishonest and not get caught, he chose honesty. That's what really defines a moral person. Can you live up to what you think you believe, even when nobody's looking. But I agree that when someone reinforces an ideal you support it's a good idea to recognize and reward it.

I noted in other stories and even on Fox News they never gave a plug to Mr. Estrada's business. I'm hoping by posting his business address and phone along with this story, he'll get some compensation in the form of new business and opportunities.

I hope if Brinks has any operations in the Huntington Beach area that need the services Tuff Turf has to offer, that they at least patronize Mr. Estada's business.