Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Expose Yourself - So you want to be a writer

For some writing is work, for others, it's just something they like to do. For all writers, knowing that others are reading your work is a form of compensation in and of itself. How do you get your work in front of new readers when you're just starting out?

There are several opportunities available now on the web, if you're willing to provide at least some content for free. Sites like ArticleCity.com, CreativeCommons.org and EzineArticles.com provide a place where writers can post their work for reprint. Publishers of Blogs, ezines, websites and print material can access and use these works under certain parameters (full credit given, no changing the article, publish work in its entirety, etc) The conditions may vary from site to site and from article to article. It's important to read the fine print before submitting or using the work.

Whether your an aspiring writer, a part time blogger, a website owner or a publisher, the new marketplace provides an unprecedented volume of content as well as distribution possibilities.

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